Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine

Opened just six weeks ago, this museum was a great find as we haven’t been able to attend a car show all year. It is located not far from the beach and the building is setup very well. They also provide professional studio space to have your vehicle photographed by local photographer Daniel Bagan. Since […]

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Traveling to the beach

So this year we took highways and county roads to Florida and here are the results on how it went. We traveled less than 90 miles by Interstate from Tullahoma to St. Augustine, FL. We traveled by I-24 to Hwy 59 then went down along the Alabama and Georgia state lines. We stopped for the […]

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Textures and shades of color

I always like to take shots of the flamingos at the Nashville Zoo. Here I printing out this image on my Canon 10 Pro using a 13×19 sized paper. This doesn’t show the shades of color as well as seeing it in person but it looks really good. That’s one of the reasons that everyone […]

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