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A small price for a great .22 pistol

If you want a great .22 pistol and don’t want to spend a lot of money this Taurus TX22 is a wonderful handgun and should be in your short list of you are looking for a funny .22 gun.

In the wild

It’s memories of being in the wild that matter the most.

You don’t have too

You don’t have to go to the major trails in the Smokies to find wonderful trails or waterfalls.

I still count

I’m not a flower or a grand tree, I’m not a unique mushroom or fungi, but I count and I play a role in my world.

On the trail Upper Tremont Road

The wheel is still fun

In Pigeon Forge, The Island is difficult to get too with parking that takes a long walk to get to the shops, but it’s still fun to ride the wheel and look out over the city.

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