It’s just an old watch, but oh what it means to me


For Christmas, Gerri and Jack got me a wonderful gift. it’s a 1930 Hamilton 922 railroad grade pocket watch. Yes, this watch will be 90 years old this coming up July 2020.

I have always wanted a good pocket watch with character and a history. This watch has 21 jewels and requires you to wind it each day or it loses time and stops. It is considered railroad grade as it was built in Lancaster PA for use in the railroad industry.

It has large numbers so that conductors could see it well on the train and inside the back case supervisors mark their setting time. If you think about it in the early 1900s there was no way other than watches for the railroads to know if they were on time and if the schedule was being met.

I carry it daily in my pocket and it looks great looking at something that is still working well and has such history behind it.

By randypollock



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