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Acros images in the yard

FujiFilm black and white images using the film simulation Acros. We have been sick for the past week so I only shot some images from the yard while dodging a dozen mosquitoes.


Even when you are sick but see some cool mushrooms in the yard you have to go grab your camera and take a picture.

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The inks make the print

The image is the most important but second to that is the ink used by the printer, Canon has some of the best inks for printing at home.

Having control of the paper and what ink to use and the final result is the reasons why I find printing at home to be so enjoyable.

Canon Pro 10 inks

13×19 size images makes for a great size for viewing

Too nice not to…

Saturday’s temperature was just too nice not to take a walk at the park.

Along with a cute puppy, we saw a snake, some yellow finches in the tall grasses, and a man going to the bathroom behind a tree…ah 2020 you so full of surprises.

First color

Yesterday we had our first color in the leaves. That brings hope for the Fall colors and temps. The temps today even though it’s mid August will only be around 80 degs.

South Cumberland State Park – new trailhead names

This is a welcome change to the trails of South Cumberland. They have changed the names of trail heads to make them more descriptive of their location in the park and to helpfully make more sense when looking at the overall park system at South Cumberland. South Cumberland All trailheads with new names You can find all their trail maps with updated information on their download page. Here are...



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