A small price for a great .22 pistol


If you want a great .22 pistol and don’t want to spend a lot of money this Taurus TX22 is a wonderful handgun and should be in your short list of you are looking for a funny .22 gun.

South Cumberland State Park – new trailhead names


This is a welcome change to the trails of South Cumberland. They have changed the names of trail heads to make them more descriptive of their location in the park and to helpfully make more sense when looking at the overall park system at South Cumberland. South Cumberland All trailheads with new names You can find all their trail maps with updated information on their download page. Here are...

The best seafood restaurant in Florida


For years Gerri and I enjoy eating at the best seafood restaurant in Florida.

Osteen’s in St. Augustine is the best shrimp in North America and they have the best seafood in Florida with food grown right in town or caught just down the street in the ocean.

Bring an appetite, but also patience, as the video says wait times are very long…but worth it.

Help from Smugmug


or from the Dgrin community… So why can’t I embed my images from Smugmug to my WordPress site? When I try to choose an image and select the size I want to display and copy the embed code to a WP post this is the error I get. See it says the content could not be embedded So I tried the Embed Smugmug block that is included with WordPress. As you can see it’s basically the same...

Learn Safety


Firearm safety is the first thought when you pick up a gun and the thought you should keep thinking until you put it away.

With the number of guns purchased since March 1 at a all time high, there is many people who are new to gun ownership and this video is a good prep video on thinking about safety.

Why Film?


It’s a small group of people that want to slow down, but the growth of people wanting to shoot film is far from slowing down.

I have twice as many cameras that are analog as I do digital. Why is it so much fun?

I think for me it’s the anticipation of not knowing how your image is going to turn out until the film is developed.



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