The wheel is still fun


In Pigeon Forge, The Island is difficult to get too with parking that takes a long walk to get to the shops, but it’s still fun to ride the wheel and look out over the city.

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My days are numbered


Getting a shot of my teenager, is getting harder as he gets older. As we rode the wheel in Pigeon Forge, I had him cornered as he couldn’t get away.

Handsome young man.

A great son

Our daily task


Ring in the morning as we headed out for adventures.

Each morning Jack would ring this giant bell as we headed out for our early mornings in the mountains.

Our cabin with solid wooden door and old fashion screen door, complete with torn screen.

This is a huge bell with a equally impressive sound.

Too nice not to…


Saturday’s temperature was just too nice not to take a walk at the park.

Along with a cute puppy, we saw a snake, some yellow finches in the tall grasses, and a man going to the bathroom behind a tree…ah 2020 you so full of surprises.

South Cumberland State Park – new trailhead names


This is a welcome change to the trails of South Cumberland. They have changed the names of trail heads to make them more descriptive of their location in the park and to helpfully make more sense when looking at the overall park system at South Cumberland. South Cumberland All trailheads with new names You can find all their trail maps with updated information on their download page. Here are...

Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine


Opened just six weeks ago, this museum was a great find as we haven’t been able to attend a car show all year. It is located not far from the beach and the building is setup very well. They also provide professional studio space to have your vehicle photographed by local photographer Daniel Bagan. Since the business is so new we had the building almost to ourself which made it nice with all...

Traveling to the beach


So this year we took highways and county roads to Florida and here are the results on how it went. We traveled less than 90 miles by Interstate from Tullahoma to St. Augustine, FL. We traveled by I-24 to Hwy 59 then went down along the Alabama and Georgia state lines. We stopped for the night in Albany, GA in a old fashion motel that opened in 1952 and hasn’t changed much since then. Merry...



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