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Jack Pa has Passed Away

June 29, 2014

Ending with those words, Gerri let Jack know that Pa passed away at the Nurse (Jack always called the hospital "the nurse") this was last Friday night at 10:00pm.

After 13+ weeks in two different hospitals, more problems than I care to go into and trying to get off a ventilator we came to a decision as a family that Dad has fought hard but he had done enough. Mom his wife of 52 years stayed by his side day after day after day and helped him... all who knew the conditions know she went far above the vow of better or worse. I will miss my Dad and Gerri and Jack will miss Pa, he was a Godly man who co founded a church in 1974 and still attended to his death. He worked tirelessly to care for his family of three boys at a factory job that wasn't high paying, glamorous or promoted him as he continued to do the same thing year after year. Dad was a man who could do any task and use any tool he was the one you called to fix, build, repair, troubleshoot or make it last a little longer. He was never to tired to help or too busy to run over after working all day. Dad took us on adventures, vacations, fishing trips, and we never heard him complain about us boys or the fussing that we would get into. He seldom lost his temper and keep his opinions to himself to keep the peace. He was a second generation Pentecostal who loved church as his father and mother did, he held every position that one can hold outside of preaching and he often spent his nights and weekends with the other men of the church working to build on to our building. He hated to miss church for any reason. He left his mark in so many ways on others in the church as well as on the church pews.

Dad would tell us to not make a big fuss, take care of mom and each other and most importantly stay in church. As he got sicker he worried he wouldn't be around for Hannah and Jack but Dad you don't have to worry about that as your impact on their life from the time they were born until they entered school will always be in their nature and personality. It's not money, status, home, or bank account that matters in the end. It's your walk with God and the impact on the people you had in your life. Dad was strict in his belief but loved everyone and as he passed away I said to our family as we held him... not many people can end their life with no regrets, no hate for anyone and no one that hated him. Pray for mom, you see she is 72 and since she was 18 she has had Dad in her life...think about that..everyday... for 52 plus years counting dating...she had Dad by her side.

Jack says to Pa, I will miss you say hi to Granny Hulvey, PapaJack, Bailey (our first dog) and Willow (our second dog) for a six year old that's a lot of lost and with Jack's issues his structure has taken a toll this year. We will miss you Pa.