Granny and Jack had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese

As well as Gerri and I. One of Jack's favorite places to go is of course Chuck E. Cheese and it didn't take any convincing for Granny to go with us.

We had a great time and Gerri, Jack and I all hit jackpots on different games (which means you get 50 tickets). 


Upgrades to my Ruger LCP .380

I enjoy my little Ruger LCP .380 pistol and when I found these fairly inexpensive upgrades I jumped at the chance to improve the performance of this gun.

I purchased the grip from Hogue, Inc (bought off of Amazon) and the guide rod, 13 lb spring and trigger set from Galloway Precision.

You will need a set of Push Rods and a set of small allen wrenches to complete the upgrade. To adjust the trigger you will need a .05 allen wrench which is tiny so make sure you have to to complete the gun.

Looking forward to trying out my now improved .380.