Operation Christmas Child

What we hope is teaching Jack that it's good to give to others who may not have as much as he does at Christmas. 

Gerri and Jack enjoyed putting together a "shoebox" of items for someone who needs a helping hand.

It's all Drew Carey's Fault

It's 2006 and the World Cup was just beginning in Germany and Gerri and I saw on the Travel Channel a show that followed then just comedian Drew Carey as he shot the world cup for a national soccer magazine.

We liked Drew Carey so we watched the six episodes that aired during the World Cup and along with the shows we decided to watch the games.

That's all it took as we feel in love with the sport and the fans and the atmosphere that surrounds the teams.

Now Drew is co owner of the Seattle Sounders in the MLS...and yes that's our team.

South Jackson Presents Charlie Brown

We enjoyed going to see the play Charlie Brown at the South Jackson Civic Center. We thought the children did an excellent job and Jack really enjoyed the show and all the characters.